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Personal Gourmet, Inc. was founded in 2001 to respond to the growing demand for home delivered individually packaged portions for the modern family who is always on the go but who does not want to settle for fast food restaurants and microwave dinners. The company prides itself in providing “the best” products & service to the end user at either their place of work or their home residence.

The food home delivery service has been one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. Today’s hectic pace of dual income households leaves lesser time for food shopping and preparation. Without compromise of quality, Personal Gourmet provides ultimate convenience for the modern consumer.

The Product Line consists of Five Star Restaurant quality foods that are individually packaged and flash frozen for ultimate convenience and preservation of natural flavors and nutrients.

The fleet of sharp looking 2003 and newer Company Trucks are equipped with heavy duty commercial freezers that ensure frozen delivery of all products directly to the consumer’s freezer.

Located in convenient Corona California, Personal Gourmet has easy access to its prime demographics in Orange County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County, targeting the discriminating middle and upper income consumers.

Financial success is not a matter of luck, but a matter of choice. Six figure incomes are very achievable for those who choose to. Personal Gourmet offers the right vehicle for the right person.

Commission sales offers one of the most financial rewarding careers in the general job market place. It allows maximum results for those who consider the sky is the limit. At Personal Gourmet you will have an opportunity to set your own financial goals; and, with a company backing you all the way, meet them as well. Steady income is not only achieved by constant repeat business for distributors, but also by the managers in salary positions, who support them.

Management positions will have to be filled when needed. Salary positions with benefits are a natural step in the growing process with the company.

Ownership of a new Personal Gourmet office is available for those who have the ambition and capability of running a sales force. The company will financially support those who want to be on top; set them up with their own office and support them along the way.

Our Goal is to expand our presence in the major western & eastern metropolitan areas. The growth potential in these markets is phenomenal.

The company is hoping to build a sales force of 15 distributors and supporting management by the 4th quarter 2005 in the greater Los Angeles area. Thereafter new offices will be launched in the San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas Nevada areas. In the Miami area the office is looking for 5 distributors and supporting management by the 4th quarter 2005. New offices will be launched in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and other Southern States.

Recruiting “the right” people plays a key role in this expansion process. Our opportunity is yours as well.

An opportunity has presented itself for you as well as the company. Will Personal Gourmet be the right company for you to achieve your financial goals? Will you become the most valuable human resource for Personal Gourmet?

Your ability to create sales, manage your own time, manage and lead others etc, will determine your position within the company. Personal Gourmet is looking for all these qualities in its recruiting process, and is building a strong team where individuals can support each other in the multiple facets of its business.

Multiple positions are and will be available for those who strive to be “the best” in their field and would like to grow together with the company in the years to come.

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