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Baby Back Ribs Fully Cooked in BBQ Sauce
12 Servings Per Box
Fully cooked baby back ribs in bbq sauce. Just heat and serve as your main entree or appetizer.
Baby Back Ribs Un-Cooked
8 Servings Per Box
Small individually packaged plain slabs that serve 1 to 2. Just marinated with your favorite bbq sauce and grill to perfection.
15 Servings Per Box
Fully cooked, spiral sliced and honey glazed ham. Great for family get togethers, just heat and serve.
Pork Chop Bone-in Frenched, Prime 14oz.
10 Servings Per Box
Pork Chop Bone-in Frenched, Prime 9oz.
12 Servings Per Box
Pork Filet Boneless, Prime
16 Servings Per Box
Our Prime Pork Filets are cut from the pork tenderloin, extra lean, very tender and are hand-trimmed. For the ideal meal slice them down the middle and grill them butterflied.
Pork Flat Iron
10 Servings Per Box
Pork Tenderloin
16 Servings Per Box
Only the center of the tenderloin, completely trimmed. 5 to 6 tenderloins per case serving 16.


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